Activation Tools

An essential part of a healthy life is exercising regularly. Many mainstream workouts popularized by social media influencers are jumping into intense exercises and missing a crucial part of exercising–activating the muscles. 

Activation exercises include any movements that target specific muscles to "wake them up." This can be done through stretches or warm-up exercises like push-ups or lunges. It is important to warm up before working out, so you don't strain or injure your muscles. Rollga recognizes this importance and has designed products that activate muscles and help them recover after a workout. 

These body massage tools have key features like grooves and bumps that allow you to target specific areas that other fitness equipment can't reach. For example, The Foot & Hand Specialist is a foam roller that is precise enough to give a deep tissue massage to the muscles in the feet and hands. This foot and hand roller is perfect for relief on the go, even small enough to fit on your keychain!

Rollga has a product for everyone and everything, with specialized designs that allow you to reach areas of the body other foam rollers can't. You're certain to find something perfect for you whether you're a physical therapist, fitness enthusiast, or the friend of a fitness enthusiast. Check out Rollga today and learn more about the benefits of foam rolling and muscle activation tools.