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Rollga Foam Rollers are 100% Recyclable and Environmentally Friendly
All Rollga Recovery Products and Foam Rollers and Massagers are 100% guaranteed to be your favorite self care tool


I really love my Rollga's! I have one that is more firm and another that is a little less dense. I prefer the softer roller for my back, but the more dense one for my hamstrings and calves. This roller works so well to loosen everything up in my back, arms and legs after a long day sitting at my desk at work. Definitely a fantastic tool that can be used in a variety of ways!

Beth Santora

Rollga has been a great investment. I’ve been using personally and with many clients through the last 4 years I’ve known about it. Highly recommend it. If you’re looking for a foam roller, it is the best one you can get out there. It does so much more and better than a foam roller. Worth every penny!

Eric Forero

So incredible for my body. I use it for tight muscles and to pop my back. It helps with pain like headaches and neckaches. So many uses!!! Best purchase I have ever made! And makes great gifts 🎁

Theresa Williams

Seriously so in love with this unique massager! It’s shape makes it the best foam roller I’ve ever used for sure. My upper back is especially happy with the notch in the middle that hugs the spine and actually rolls the muscles out comfortably!! Great for so many places on the body and even with the round knobby ends can get into and work on the glutes! Amazing product. 10 out of 10 would recommend!!!! I might even go so far as to say 11 out of 10, it’s THAT helpful 🙏🏼

Sashaba Hanlon

My Rollga roller is one of my top fitness tools, for sure! I teach around 20 classes a week and weekly rolling sessions keep my body in tip top shape. The anotomical design of the Rollga means I can roll my entire body, pain-free, quickly and effectively. I love this roller so much that it’s the one I choose to sell at my studio and use in weekly foam rolling classes with my clients. LOVE!

Rachel McDonald

Hands down the best foam roller and massager I’ve ever used! I love how deep it gets into the muscles and how light it is. I’ve used it myself and it has made a huge difference in my upper back by getting deep into places other rollers can’t. My husband has used and loves it too! I’ve used it with my clients and one commented “oh wow I feel like I just went to the chiropractor“. One of our physical therapists tried it and is ordering one for himself!

Shannon Royce

Received my Rollga massager as a gift and I LOVE it! It is great for loosening up tight muscles after a run. Also great for your neck and shoulders when sitting at a desk all day. Its compact size makes it easier to target smaller muscle groups.

Gina Agderian

I have fallen in love with Rollga rolling before and after all of my workouts... THIS foam roller and self massager has stepped up my game! The grooves and ridges help attack and loosen those tightened muscles and knots that traditional foam rollers have trouble reaching. Do yourself a favor and GET ONE TODAY! Self care is the BEST care, and you deserve to feel amazing and keep your body in top shape so you can continue to meet and reach your fitness goals! 💪🏼🔥🙌🏼

Stacy Stickels

Rollga was founded after the creator, Taggart, was motivated by his own chronic pain in his back and shins to find a solution for a better foam roller. He was introduced to foam rolling after a car accident that injured his back, which was later aggravated by his training for marathons. While these foam rollers helped initially, Taggart soon realized these rollers weren’t able to reach certain areas of pain. So, he set out to design his own foam roller. 

Using his background in physics, he discovered a rounded design that was better suited for the curves of the human body. Putting this knowledge to good use, Taggart created various types of foam rollers with different shapes and features that allow the roller to get to the hard-to-reach spots on the body. With the desire to create a product that combined health and fitness, Rollga—a combination of “rolling” and “yoga”—was born. 

Rollga is perfect for those searching for fitness equipment online that restores your body instead of harming it through exercises that cause too much stress or injury. We wanted to create a solution for the damage done to the body's connective tissue, also known as fascia, by traditional workouts. Many conventional exercises can cause this tissue to degenerate more quickly when done repeatedly. Fascia already deteriorates over time, so one should try to avoid any extra stress or invest in a product like Rollga’s that focuses on providing restoration by stimulating oxygen-rich blood flow. 

Rollga is able to provide this restorative regeneration through its unique shapes and features, including grooves, pointed ends, and curves. These features allow for cross-directionally targeting healing trigger points in the body that other foam rollers can’t reach. These grooves also help to protect bones and tendons, only targeting the muscle. These rollers are designed for self-massage, using various shapes and pointed ends that allow you to target problem areas with more pressure easily.     

By designing products that work with the body to protect essential parts like the spine and hips, Rollga created a fitness roller that restores your body by increasing flexibility and mobility. The unique design is perfect for providing pain relief from back or neck pain, shin splints, tendon injuries, and more. Enjoy the ultimate self-care with the convenience of a personal massage therapist in your home.

So, for those searching for products that create the perfect balance between health and fitness, look no further. From foam rollers, activation tools, resistance bands, accessories, and flexibility equipment, check out Rollga’s key features and find the right product for you today! For information on where and how to use our products, check out the Rollga App!