Rollga Affiliate Program

The heart of a Rollga affiliate rests deeper than an invitation to promote Rollga products. At the heart of every Rollga Affiliate lies a desire to share the gift of movement with the world. Apply below to be a part of the elite Rollga Affiliate team. Help your neighbors, friends, and strangers alike unlock their movement potential and experience the benefits of precision rolling.

What You'll Get

● Personal Rollga discount code and link for discounted rate on Rollga products.

● Rollga dicount code and link to share with others, giving them 15% off and you 15% commission.

● Affiliate digital resource packet containing Rollga videos and images to share or use to create uniuqe content to share.

● Access to a private Rollga Affialite FB group for community between affialites, announcements, and idea sharing.

● Monthly Affiliate Google Meet meeting with a short presentation on requested topics (we'll bring in professionals on various topics to teach), program updates, and Q&A.

What's Involved

● Introductory call with Rollga Founder, Taggart Downare, to connect and see how Rollga can assist you.

● Quarterly coordinated social posts. Affiliates will be asked to share the same post on their prefered social channel on the same day once per quarter. Let's create some buzz!

● Attendance at monthly Affialite Google Meet meeting. We obviously understand conflicts but would like as much attendance as possible!

● Tell your family & friends about Rollga!