Rollga Ambassador Program

The heart of a Rollga ambassador rests deeper than an invitation to promote Rollga products. At the heart of every Rollga Ambassador lies a desire to share the gift of movement with the world. Apply below to be a part of the elite Rollga Ambassador team. Help your neighbors, friends, and strangers alike unlock their movement potential and experience the benefits of targeted foam rolling.

What you'll get

● Discounted product and first trial of new products.

● A unique discount code to share and earn a commission on.

● Promotion via an ambassador spotlight on our social media.

● Continued exposure and communication within the Rollga Ambassador community via our private Facebook group.

● An potential opportunity to be a Rollga sponsored athlete.

What we ask of you

● Post on social media at least once a month mentioning @RollgaHealth and tagging #Rollga #Reachdowndeep and/or #Rollgafoamroller

● Comment or share your Rollga adventures in our private facebook group.

● Display our logo on your social media or homepage and tell your friends about Rollga!

● For additional discounted product, write a post on your blog that talks about or promotes Rollga.