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The Rollga Method

Rollga's Learning and Education is divided into 4 courses:

  1. Intro to Rollga - EVERYONE who wants to learn how to use the Rollga foam roller
  2. Beginning Level-1 (Rollga Method Specialist)
  3. Advanced Level-2 (Master Rollga Method Specialist)
  4. Rollga Group-X Fitness Specialist

1) Embark on Your Wellness Journey with the Intro to Rollga Class

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2) Elevate Your Practice with Rollga: Level 1 Certification - Become a Fascia & Pressure Point Specialist!


3) Elevate Your Expertise with Rollga: Level 2 Certification - Become a Master Fascia and Pressure Point Specialist!


4) Become a Rollga Group-X Fitness Specialist!