Massage Rain’s Recovery Support Page

Rollga Roller $35

Your choice of Soft Foam (Colors - Black & White, White), Medium Foam (Colors - Silver, Blue, Purple, Yellow), or Hard Foam (Black, Orange) Rollga Roller. 

Rollga Activator $10

The Rollga Helo Activator Massage Ball uses neuro activators (rough bumps designed to grab skin) on one side and a round lacrosse ball feature on the opposite side to both stimulate fascia and unlock tension & stress. Additionally, tiny nodes or 'fingers' fill the circumference of the ball designed to pinpoint trigger points and address fascial scaring.

Rollga Hand & Foot Kit $5.00

Rollga's Hand and Foot Therapy kit is a SOFT, high quality EVA foam ball kit that helps alleviate hand and foot pain. The 1-inch ball is designed for smaller pressure points in the hands and feet, while the 2-inch ball is designed for compression treatments.

Facial Roller $4.99

The Rollga Facial Roller is a relaxing face massage and stimulation tool. The Rollga Facial Roller can aid with reducing facial puffiness and wrinkles, reducing dark circles under the eyes, tightening and reducing pore size, and improving elasticity of the skin.

Micro Hand/Foot Roller $4.99

The Deep Tissue Micro Hand/Foot Roller is great for hand and foot muscle release and massage. The Deep Tissue Micro Hand/Foot Roller is small enough to reach and target hand and foot muscles with precision, providing release of those hard to reach muscles. The Deep Tissue Micro Hand/Foot Roller can also assist in breaking up scar tissue or adhesions that limit range of motion. The Micro Rollga is a must have for your keychain!