De-Puffing Kit By
Ashley Borden

De-Puff your stuff with a kit designed by top professional and celebrity trainer, Ashley Borden.
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With 40,000 hours of personally training clients under her belt and many major body transformations (with no injuries) on multiple TV shows and in real life, Ashley Borden is no doubt an expert in her field....

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About Ashley

40,000+ Hours Of Experience
Ashley has accumulated 40,000+ (and counting) hours in the field of personal training and is recognized as one of the top in her field.

Proven Record Of Success
Ashley's work has resulted in countless major body transformations with 0 injuries (a very difficult task given the physical demands of personal training).

Trusted By The Best
Ashley has worked with numerous A-list celebrities throughout her career including names like Ryan Gosling and Christina Aguilera, and has been featured in tv shows like E!'s Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian. Ashley's techniques have also been included in magazines such as In Style, Vogue, and Shape.

Why De-Puff?

Decrease Inflammation
Reduce inflammation and the appearance of cellulite.

Release Muscles
Release hard to reach muscles, dissipate muscles soreness immediately, and activate “sleeping” muscles.

Increase mobility and reach a “next level” of total body recovery.

What Did They Say About The Kit?


I really cannot choose a favorite item from this kit because I love them all! From stretching and massaging sore muscles throughout my legs, back and shoulders to hitting those trigger points for that “hurts so good” feel...I have used at least one (usually 2-3) products daily since receiving my depuffing kit! Don’t wait or wonder if this is for you, because it ABSOLUTELY IS! Thank you Rollga & Ashley!
April Kaminski

Fitness Instructor


After using the roller and activating massage ball in this kit for two days, my insane neck and back pain from hunching over my computer all day has almost completely disappeared! I've used rumble rollers and typical smooth rollers in the past, and nothing has relieved pain like this one. I'm excited to try all the other tools in this kit. An astounding deal for all the comfort it brings!
Lucé Tomlin Brenner



I use for pre and post JiuJitsu. My students roll out with the Rollga first, then we use the red band for chest stretch and hamstring stretching, warming up the shoulders and back. The foot roller is a game changer.
Helio Guerra

Jiu Jitsu Instructor

De-Puffing Kit
By Ashley Borden

De-Puffing Kit
By Ashley Borden

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