CHLOEPUFF X ROLLGA Bold & Fit: Workout + Recovery

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"The Neck & Knot Specialist" Compact Foam Roller:

  • Grooves - Bones and tendons drop into the grooves so that only muscle is targeted. The grooves also provide the ability to easily target muscles at different angles (for better muscle release) and create a more comfortable rolling experience.
  • Pointed End - The pointed end provides the ability to easily target muscle knots directly with greater leveraged pressure.   
  • Smaller Size - 14" length. Better for travel and also allows the head to rest at a more natural angle when releasing the neck.
  • Quality Foam - Best in class foam that holds its shape over time and doesn't lose density. Comparable to standard density Rollga Foam Roller

"The Muscle Releaser" Massage Ball:

The Rollga Muscle Releaser Massage Ball uses neuro activators (rough bumps designed to grab skin) on one side and a round lacrosse ball feature on the opposite side to both stimulate fascia and unlock tension & stress. Additionally, tiny nodes or 'fingers' fill the circumference of the ball designed to pinpoint trigger points and address fascial scaring. Upon finding a sore spot or tense muscle, simply apply pressure and rotate 90-degrees for 15-30 seconds, repeating until muscle release occurs. The Muscle Releaser Massage Ball takes the premise of a lacrosse ball, but adds three more recovery friendly applications.  

Resistance Band Set:

  • Made of high quality 100% eco-friendly, durable, and no smell latex.
  • Dimensions - 12" long, 2" wide. 
  • Bands come in a set of 5 with each band having a different strength of resistance to allow for gradual workout intensity increase.
  • Use to improve muscle tone in arms, legs, back and buttocks without the need for expensive gym memberships.
  • Great for Pilates, Physical Therapy, Yoga, Crossfit and other daily workouts.
  • Flexible, lightweight, and portable. Carrying bag included.

Resistance Bands With Handles:

  • Set of 5 resistance bands with handles
  • Each band offers a different resistance level, ranging from light to extra heavy.
  • Bands can be used for a variety of different strengthening exercises and make a great addition to any home gym.


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