RP25 - IT band syndrome & SI Joint

How to Massage and Release IT Band Pressure Points

Benefits: Massaging and releasing pressure points along the IT Band can provide relief for conditions like IT Band Syndrome, SI Joint problems, and Sacroiliitis. It helps by reducing tension in the IT Band and releasing tight muscles surrounding it.


  1. Starting Position: Lie on your side without using a foam roller (like Rollga). Your elbow, hip, and ankle should be aligned in a straight line.

  2. Position the Roller: Place the Rollga foam roller under your hip, just below the side of your hip bone. Your top leg should be in front for added support.

  3. Rolling Technique: Begin rolling from the top of your hip down towards your knee. Stay on the outside of your thigh. There are two ways to apply pressure:

    • For gentle pressure, roll on the outer, deeper contour of the Rollga foam roller.
    • For stronger pressure, use the center spine groove of the Rollga foam roller.

Why Rollga Foam Roller is Effective:

The Rollga foam roller is an excellent tool for this exercise because it doesn't directly press on the IT Band. This makes the process more comfortable. Instead, it targets the muscles surrounding the IT Band, which are often dense and difficult to stretch.

By using the Rollga foam roller, you can alleviate tension and discomfort in the IT Band, potentially reducing issues like IT Band Syndrome and providing relief for SI Joint and Sacroiliitis problems. Regular use of this technique can help you maintain a healthy, pain-free IT Band and related areas.