Why You Should Add Resistance Band Training To Your Workout

Resistance bands are a convenient tool that can enhance workouts or be a low-impact replacement for dumbbells and heavy weights. You can enjoy the benefits of resistance bands whether you're a fitness enthusiast, yogi, or physical therapist.

Resistance band training is a great alternative to heavy lifting or gym machines which don't always properly work out your muscles and can cause injuries easily. Resistance bands are a convenient and cost-effective solution to expensive gym memberships. 

Rollga offers a variety of resistance bands that would be the perfect addition to your workout. They are simple so it's easy to figure out how to use resistance bands. All you have to do is create tension in the band by stretching it between your hands and feet or any stable anchor point. So, what are resistance bands?

What Are Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands are used for strengthening, stretching, and toning muscles. They are rope or tube-like elastic bands that generally come in sets, with each band differing in resistance strength. There are various types of resistance bands that can be used for many practices, from exercise to physical therapy, but there are three main types: standard resistance bands, resistance loop bands, and therapy bands.

Standard Bands

This type of resistance band is the original design that is more tube-like with handles on the ends. These bands put the muscles through the same pressing and pulling movements as fitness machines or dumbbells. This band is good for strengthening the muscles, especially those in the upper body.   

Loop Bands

Resistance loop bands have risen in popularity because of their versatility compared to standard tube bands. These bands are a continuous elastic loop instead of a rope with handles on both ends and are great for all-body workouts. Loop bands are effective for improving muscle tone, flexibility, mobility, increasing strength, and even recovering from a workout.

Therapy Bands

Resistance training is not only beneficial for improving strength. They are common tools used in physical therapy that are long, thin elastic bands. These can range in length by a couple of feet but usually are about seven feet long. These are great for rehabilitation as they are very low impact but can also enhance stretching to improve mobility.

Benefits of Resistance Bands

Now that you know the types of resistance bands, why should you use one? Resistance bands have many benefits as they can be used for many different exercises, whether for muscle building, toning, or therapy. Resistance bands are an effective addition to any workout routine, enhancing the results of working out. 

Standard gym equipment can be good for increasing muscle mass but cannot always put the muscles through their full range of motion. When exercising, it is important for muscles to go through their full range of motion to get the most out of a workout. Resistance band training is an effective way to achieve this, as there are many benefits of resistance bands, including the following:

  • Decreased chance of injury
  • Reaching full range of motion during exercise
  • Improved stability through core activation
  • Improved mobility and flexibility
  • Increased strength
  • More effective stretching
  • Convenient and cost-effective 

Adding a resistance band to your training is not only effective for improving strength, but it can also decrease your risk of injury while working out. Resistance bands put a very low amount of pressure on the joints, which is one reason they are great for physical therapy. Unlike weights, for example, that can be too heavy and cause muscle tears. There is also no need to worry about dropping a band on your foot or one pinning you to a workout bench like barbells can. 

As previously mentioned, weight lifting does not always involve the targeted muscle going through its full range of motion. This is important because a full range of motion leads to improved balance, healthy joints, and proper muscle activation. Many exercises, like bicep curls, leave muscles inactive during parts of the movement, whereas resistance bands provide consistent and greater resistance throughout the movement. 

Resistance bands are popular for cardio workouts like pilates because they are very effective at strengthening core muscles. Many exercises with resistance bands require you to stay balanced, which engages your core more than weight lifting. 

The main benefits of resistance bands are improved mobility & flexibility, increased strength, and quality stretching. Resistance training improves each of these without the need for multiple pieces of workout equipment. 

Resistance bands are the perfect piece of equipment for those that may not have time or access to a full gym. They are also less expensive than a gym membership. So, why wouldn't you invest in a one-time purchase that is good for multiple aspects of fitness?  

Rollga Resistance Bands

Rollga offers three resistance band sets, including standard bands and loop bands. These bands are ideal for everyday workouts, yoga, pilates, and physical therapy, as well as for customizing the intensity of your workout. Their flexible, lightweight designs make them convenient for working out anywhere. The cost-effectiveness and benefits of resistance bands will make any gym membership irrelevant.

Rollga's Resistance Band Set comes with five bands ranging in resistance strength and a carrying bag. These bands are 12 inches long and 2 inches wide and are made of high-quality eco-friendly latex (without the latex smell). They are great for improving muscle tone in the arms, legs, back, and buttocks. 

For those looking for a more intense addition to their workout, Rollga has a large resistance band that is 41 inches long and 3 millimeters wide with 15-20 pounds of resistance. This band is made with natural rubber that is very durable and is great for strength training, assisted pull-ups, and more.

Rollga also has a standard resistance band set, with tube-shaped bands with handles on the end. This set comes with five bands that range in resistance from light to extra heavy and are great for strength training.

If you want to experience the benefits of resistance training like improved strength, mobility, flexibility, and more then check out Rollga's selection of resistance bands to enhance your workout routine.

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