What Is Plantar Fasciitis And How Do I Fix It?

Some of us have heard the word plantar fasciitis and have experienced the discomfort first hand. Plantar Fasciitis is kind of a catch-all term for any pain at the bottom of the foot. However, the plantar fascia is a sheath of connective tissue that runs from the heel of the foot toward the toes. This tissue can become quite inflamed and as a result, create a lot of tension from the back of the foot to the front making it uncomfortable to walk or move. The great part of our Rollga platform is that we have the perfect tool in our kit to deal with it. The Rollga Activator Massage Ball's goal with plantar fasciitis is to loosen the tissues and create slack to help the tissues to be mobile and reduce pain.

Rollga Activator Massage Ball Remedies:

1. Activator Compression - Grab the Activator and apply pressure to the bottom of your foot. ( this is going to take a few compressions to get used to how much pressure you want to use)! Roll the smooth ball part of the activator back and forth from the back, at the heel, to the front of the foot. As you roll to make sure to contract and relax the calf muscle. This helps to loosen the tissues in the plantar fascia and break up any scar tissue that may have developed, causing tightness in the foot.

2. Activator Anterior Calf Stretch - The goal here is to stretch the front part of our foot and ankle with the activator. This one you can use the smooth side of the Activator or the side with the dimples based on personal preference. If we don’t have full dorsiflexion (pointing your foot to the ground) this creates tension at the bottom of our foot. Standing, push your toes into the activator using a wall or chair for your hands if needed.

3. Calf compression activation - Take your Rollga Activator Massage Ball and in a seated position, compress and roll the smooth side or dimple side into the tissues where the calf muscle attaches to the shin bone. This helps to loosen up the tissue in the calf muscle, releasing that tension and helping to alleviate the cascade of tightness into the bottom of the foot.

Rollga Activator Massage Ball Road to Recovery

There you have it! These are some of the best home Rollga recovery remedies to help to alleviate the tension and pain at the bottom of your foot. For more information on how you can start your road to recovery check out the Rollga Activator Massage Ball and download our FREE Rollga App today.


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