Rollga Roller- What is Foam Rolling?

Many people have never heard of a foam roller, and the ones that have might assume that they are only used by athletes. While athletes do benefit from foam roller use, anyone who uses one will see positive results. 


Benefits of foam rolling with Rollga include reduction in muscle soreness, not only from athletic activity, but strain on your body from every day life.  Other benefits of foam rolling include, but are not limited to, injury prevention, improved flexibility, increase in range of motion, and improved balance. Essentially using a foam roller is like getting a self-administered deep tissue massage (for a fraction of the cost). Doesn't that sound nice? 

Why should you choose the Rollga Foam Roller over the traditional flat foam roller? The answer to that is simple. Using the Rollga yields better results in less time. You can complete the (customizable) Rollga routine in as little as eight minutes!  While plain foam rollers provide adequate results, the Rollga’s zones (or grooves) directly target and release the trigger points (or the tender areas) to provide comfort  faster so you start feeling your best asap!  

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