Rollga Mobility warm up with our mini band therapy kit

Mobility body activation with the Rollga mini therapy bands

Rollga mini band mobility warm up kit. The Rollga mini band kit has 5 levels of resistance from 

X- light- light- Medium- Heavy- X- Heavy all in an easy to travel pouch.  The Rollga mini bands are highly durable and easy to clean without cracking or losing their resistance. These bands will keep your body mobile and flexible while you are on the go or mixing it into your daily routine. Get your Rollga mini band set and get started today on more mobility and flexibility. 

Things to remember with your mobility warm up:

  • Decide your own tension of resistance band to start
  • Decide when to stop the stretch based on tension
  • You can get a deeper stretch using the bands

In terms of mobility, resistance band mobility exercises offer you ways to improve your mobility and range of motion that you can’t do with bodyweight movement alone.  Although your typical bodyweight static stretches are great and should be done, stretching with the Rollga mini band kit will take your mobility to new levels.

4 Quick Rollga mini band moves to get your body activated for the day. 

Reminder to breathe through your movements. Inhale and exhale

Shoulder mobility with the Rollga bands around your wrist pressing your forearms out. Repeat 3-4 times keeping our shoulders back and your chest relaxed.  

Mini band quad stretch with the Rollga band around your thigh a few inches up from your knee.  Take one leg and lift up with your toes pointing down feeling the stretch in your quad.  Repeat 3-4 times each side

Push up chest mobility with the mini bands starting with the band around your wrist going into a wider push up position.  You can also do this move on your knees for a modification. Repeat 3-4 times.

Adductor Squat with a hold.  Using the mini band around your ankles with a wider base leaving one leg straight and the other leg bends into the squat position.  Repeat 3-4 times each leg.

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