Minnesota's Top Triathlete: Ted Treise, Uses Rollga for Recovery

It was always a dream of mine, to be a professional triathlete. As soon as I started racing, the bug hit me to do whatever it takes to achieve this dream. I remember spending days and days reading, listening to podcasts, and watching any videos I could find about those who I looked up to in the sport of triathlon. How did they do it? What can I do to put myself in the best possible position to make this dream happen? Anyone can complete the workouts. It takes something more to be successful in this sport. What I learned, the common trait of being consistent with one's program and recovery is a key pillar in success. In example, do everything you can to show up for each workout in the best possible state - both mind and body. This post is about the outline of my thoughts on recovery and how I've used the Rollga as a professional athlete in the sport of triathlon.

For starters, my recovery needs to fit into life. In the absence of work, I prioritize sleep over my workouts, then comes active recovery such as stretching, mobility and foam rolling. Nothing can replace sleep in my mind. I feel better and perform at my best when I am well rested. So when do I fit recovery in? 

For me, I find combining my workouts with foam rolling and mobility yields the best result and saves time. For example, if it's a hard run. I'll do my pre-run warm-ups, nail the run (hopefully), then jump into my recovery session immediately following. After a workout, a recovery session is well invested, resetting the clock and putting the body in the best possible state to begin the healing process. It's not always that easy though. Life happens and thankfully our existence does not take place in a workout-to-workout vacuum. Sometimes work or home life calls and I cannot fit everything in that exact session window and that's ok. Life will go on and stressing about not foam rolling or whatever else planned will only make the situation worse. The important thing is to be consistent with a repeatable routine year after year.

My repeatable routine has been done over the past 5-8 years or so and I've experienced a steady state of improvement. There's no way I am going to stop foam rolling and doing mobility any time soon. My foam roller of choice is of course the Rollga. I bought one in 2017 and could not be happier. Each of the grooves allows me to get into those nitty gritty areas that is not possible with a traditional flat roller. Additionally, it avoids bone to roller contact - something to avoid. It is, without question, the best roller I have ever used.

Ted Crossing Granite Series Clearwater 1st Overall

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