LOOK UP: The Highs, Lows, and Laughs of Leaning on the Light

 The transformation in the bath of struggles and pain leads to enlightenment

Hey there, Taggart here, I'm your average serial entrepreneur who's been through the wringer and back with one of my ventures called Rollga. If there's one thing I've learned while riding this rollercoaster of creating, managing, and sometimes barely hanging onto my company, it is that life has a funny way of teaching you to look up—literally and figuratively.

Spiritually and emotionally, we're all a bit like toddlers learning to walk: if we don't stumble and bop our noses once in a while, we'd never really appreciate the joy of running. Pain, as much as we'd like to RSVP 'NO' to its party, is the universe's way of nudging us to look to the Savior we so desperately need. Every attempt we make to dodge loneliness, anxiety, and discomfort with anything but a little chat with the 'Big Guy' upstairs is like sticking a Band-Aid on a leaky dam. It's a temporary fix, but we all know what happens next with fixes like that.

The enemy of our souls, wants us glued to our own hot mess, heads down, scrolling through our personal catalog of woes. God? He's up there, cheering us on, sending us text messages through sunsets, kind words from a friend, or that unexpected success in our business, whispering, "Look up, my child. I've got you. And not just for the good stuff, but for my glory, too."

Creating Rollga was like being handed a puzzle with half the pieces missing. None of us pop out of the womb ready to conquer the world with all the right moves. My path was littered with mistakes and missteps, but here's the kicker: it's supposed to be that way. It takes a truckload of grit and a heart full of grace to keep pushing forward, especially when every fiber of your being wants to throw in the towel. Grit to push through the endless nights and grace to forgive yourself and others when you've accidentally sent that testy email to the wrong or right person:).

 Why's into What???

During those inevitable tough times, I learned to swap my "whys?" for "what's?". Instead of throwing a pity party with "Why is this happening to me?" as the theme, I started asking, "What do you want me to learn, Lord?" He's keen on using us as his tools - though it might involve a bit of divine chiseling to get us in shape.

The path is to always straight but as long as we look up our path will be made straight

Remember, the only way out of a storm is straight through it. Those shortcuts I tried to take? Ended up being scenic routes to more headaches. But when you keep your gaze fixed on Jesus, you find this perfect peace - it's kind of like finding the last piece of a puzzle. Reflecting on my toughest days, I realize those were my closest moments with Him. Not that I'm signing up for another round, but I wouldn't edit those chapters out of my story either.

Paul, my wise friend from the Bible, hit the nail on the head in Philippians 3:10. “… I long to know Christ, the power of His resurrection and the fellowship in his sufferings.” He knew that there's a special kind of fellowship with the Lord that you only get to experience when you're in the thick of it. He wasn't out there chasing suffering for fun; he understood that when it comes knocking, it's an opportunity to lean on Jesus like never before.

Suffering for the sake of suffering is like eating kale for fun - it just doesn't make sense. But if it's part of the journey, then there's power in the pain.

It's in our weakest moments that His strength shines brightest, reminding us that His grace has got us covered, through every up, down, and sometimes hilarious mishap along the way.

So, here's to LOOKING UP, laughing thru the chaos, and learning to lean on the light, even when you're the entrepreneur behind the wheel of a wild ride like Rollga.

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The Rollga foam roller is God inspired and in Taggart Downare's words God designed it for him

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