How To Set & Reach Your 2023 Fitness Goals

Can you believe 2022 is almost over? As we approach New Year's, many are considering how to set fitness goals when the calendar turns. After all, resolutions are at the top of many minds right after the holidays. 

As we get barraged by Fall's cornucopia of candy, sweet treats, filling meals, and other delights, you might wait until New Year's to form a fitness resolution. Why not? New year, new beginnings, etc., make it the perfect time to set a new goal. 

Unfortunately, many resolution-makers have a hard time making their goals stick. Although our team from Rollga thinks setting expectations for 2023 and considering how to set fitness goals in the new year is a significant first step, try not to aim too high as you start your journey toward success.

Achieving your fitness dreams starts with your resolution. Then, you must create a plan and implement the work. Focus on your fitness in 2023 and work toward a longer and improved overall quality of life with these tips from Rollga.

Choosing Your New Year's Goal

The first place to start making a New Year's fitness goal is by establishing the goal itself. Maintaining a realistic outlook on this goal is crucial. You want to set a goal you can feasibly stick to and inevitably achieve.

As much as we'd like to cut our body fat percentage down to 6% instantaneously, it just isn't going to happen. Completely changing your body composition in a matter of days, weeks, or months and expecting to maintain it just isn't realistic. When it comes to weight loss, shooting for a loss of one to two pounds each week is a grounded goal you can shoot for.

You should also establish a measurable goal bound by a deadline, attaching it to an implementable action plan. The deadline remains essential to keep you focused, and the action plan will help you track progress to ensure you're on the right path.

Create Your Plan and Verbalize Your Commitment

Your workout kit is ready to go, but this doesn't mean you're ready to set foot in the gym or start running marathons. We all face busy schedules, and sticking to a fitness commitment can prove difficult if you start missing workouts due to a busy schedule.

Begin by writing down your goals, picking out activities, etc., and placing them in your calendar. Verbally express your commitment to someone else. Setting and expressing your resolution this way takes an idea and transforms it into something tangible. A tangible resolution will help motivate you to get to your fitness class or step outside for a run each day with your workout kit or recovery foam roller in hand.

Finally, pick exercises or activities that work for you. The best exercise for you is one that you'll enjoy, enabling you to reap the benefits you seek through making a fitness goal. Identify the days and times that conveniently fit your schedule, and hold yourself accountable. Then, you can get to work.

Don't Forget Recovery

Did you know there is a commonly-forgotten method to reduce injury risk, minimize muscle soreness, and boost performance while improving your workout results? This seemingly magical secret is called post-workout recovery.

Any type of physical work causes fluid loss, muscle damage, and depleted muscle glycogen (energy storage). With proper post-workout recovery time, your body can heal the microscopic muscle tears you create during your new workout plan into stronger muscles.

Any form of stress from life or physical activity can take a physical and mental toll on you. Your body can only take so much, which means it's vital to give yourself a break from time to time. Post-workout recovery isn't a one-step process. Rest yourself, eat a nutritious diet, stay hydrated, complete warmups, and cool down by stretching out. A recovery foam roller works great for this, but even simple stretches like moving your arms around can dramatically help.

Committing to these post-workout processes can help you enjoy more results from your workouts and make the entire process of working towards your fitness goals that much easier.

Appreciate Yourself

As you consider how to set fitness goals and work to accomplish your New Year's fitness resolution, think about this commitment in the long term. You will be more likely to experience success if you take the time to appreciate yourself, listen to your body, and take it easy as you need to.

Don't worry about what others are doing to get in shape. You may see people exercising at high intensity. The best way to begin is with low-to-moderate intensity workouts. Although your friend or neighbor may train six days weekly, you may not always know how long they've been practicing to get up to that point. Start slow and work with a regimen that your body responds to. The point is to challenge yourself but not overdo it right off the bat.

Loving yourself is one of the most important things you can do. No resolution you set will help you achieve your goals unless you learn to love and appreciate your efforts and yourself.

Stick to the Plan | Look and Feel Your Best

Though it's time to focus on your New Year's resolutions again, stay the course. Don't commit to a new exercise program and abandon it before Easter Sunday. Ensure that you feel both physically and mentally ready, and follow the previous tips to achieve long-term fitness success.

These are just some ideas and tips that you can try and help yourself commit to your 2023 New Year's fitness goals. Remember to consult with a physician before starting any new strenuous exercise routine.

Take it easy on yourself, and have fun with it. Cheers to a happier, healthier you in the new year!

Rollga is a company working to serve the fitness community by producing quality foam rollers for multiple functions, including stretching and recovery. We additionally provide fitness and therapeutic tools like resistance bands and massagers, aiming to assist with post-workout recovery, increased flexibility, and joint health.

Our foam roller products help recover through soft tissue work called myofascial release, alleviating muscle pain and tension due to adhesions that may form between the muscles and the fascia. Recovery foam rollers from Rollga also reduce stiffness, decrease soreness, increase blood flow, and decrease tissue tension, leading to improved recovery and performance.

To learn more about our product selections and how Rollga can help you set and achieve your fitness goals in the new year, contact our friendly, dedicated provider today for additional information!

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