Content Creators- Here are Five Easy Tips For Better Looking Content!

Looking to take your Rollga content to the next level? Here are five easy tips to implement in your next photo/ video shoot.

  • Camera- Any current generation cell cell phone is more than good enough for content creation. Almost every phone has the option to film in 1080p (HD) resolution or 4K. For optimal video quality, select 4K resolution. 

  • Orientation- Ask yourself, where will this content live? Facebook and YouTube favor horizontal (landscape) photos and video. TikTok and Instagram favor vertical photos and video. The future of all content platforms is to maximize screen real estate, if ever in question, always film vertically.

  • Lighting- Arguably the most important! 
  1. Outdoors- Find a shaded area, wait for clouds to block the bright sun, and avoid overly bright lighting. If really ambitious, wait for when the sun is rising and setting. This is called golden hour, this is the best lighting! Let those golden rays shine!
  2. Indoors- Avoid harsh bright white (fluorescent) light, unfortunately this is what most gyms have for lighting. As a PRO-TIP Use a window your light source. Windows act as a diffuser and create really beautiful light. 

  • Helper- Consider having a friend or colleague film you! Have them follow your movements creating motion in the video. Avoid placing your phone on the ground, this creates unflattering angles. Cell phone Tripods can be very helpful.  

  • Editing-  Some what controversial of a subject, but avoid over-editing. There is only one color grading technique that stands the test of time, and that is black and white. As a professional in this discipline, I've never looked back at photos where I've over saturated colors, applied sharpening, or pushed contrast levels and thought, "that looks great." These type of editing techniques can look good and have purpose, but don't overdo it. Natural skin tones do not look like a ripe tomato.   

As a wrap up, current generation mobile phones take amazing photo and video. There will be a day when these replace photographers! If creating content for Instagram and TikTok shoot vertically oriented content. Look for soft light. When the sun, or florescent lighting is overhead, this creates unflattering shadows on your face. Seek help, have someone help shoot your content. Lastly, avoid overediting. Keep your photos looking as natural as possible. 

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Rollga Pro Photographer: Dane Nelsen, Saint Cloud, MN

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