Fit Biz Club 🤝 Rollga

Inspiring instructors to think like entrepreneurs and make money on their own terms is the reason Fit Biz Club exists. Having been on both sides of teaching as well as fitness management and ownership, Lauren and Mariah are obsessed with increasing fitness instructors’ career options. They do this by helping instructors deepen their business skills to get more comfortable with business strategy, digital marketing, social media, and all the nuances of what it takes to get better at making money in the industry—from individual instructors to studio owners and beyond. Their membership club includes a monthly training plan with ACE CEU’s that all revolve around improving business acumen—whether you are a complete beginner or just need help in certain areas. From lead generation and marketing, to income models, systems, retention strategies, and how to sell without feeling salesy, the support doesn’t just stop with education. Community is the other half of the equation, and the club surrounds you with your new fit biz besties through an active members-only private chat group, monthly Q&A Zoom’s, and more. As a special parter of the Rollga community, receive your first month free when you enroll using this link:

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