A Foot and Ankle Surgeon’s Thoughts on Rollga!

My wife and I are avid runners and bikers. Often times after working out simple stretching never really seemed to be enough and we always were left with deep muscle soreness after our workouts. 
Regular straight foam rollers never really did the trick for either work out however after purchasing the Rollga foam rollers with its contoured surface which allows the bone to sit down and to get a nice tight role of the deep fascia we have noticed a significant improvement in The soreness we experience after a hard workout! One of our favorite pieces of the product line is the 3-1 activator which really does a great job grabbing the different fascial layers and pinpointing where you have more direct issues.
When we go travel, It’s easy to have the keychain Rollga roller for every day foot pain especially for my wife with chronic plantar fasciitis.  You will never see another roller with the same contour that accomplishes more accurate deep muscle and fascial stretching!  We are very happy that we purchased these products and will use them for years to come.
Dr. James Renier

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