7-minute Foam Rolling Warmup

To perform your best, warming up is critical; and it's backed by science.
Post-activation potentiation refers to a short-term improvement in muscular performance as a result of warming up prior to activity. Essentially, warming up "primes" the muscles, heart and lungs to perform better during sport or exercise. Raising core body temperature and activating muscles are the two primary goals of warming up.
Think about it this way: will your car's engine perform best immediately after being started, or after it has warmed up? Of course, an engine will perform best after all it's internal fluids and mechanics have been activated and warmed up.
Unlike a car's engine, we cannot just sit idle and expect to warm up. We need to move!
Using your Rollga for just 7 minutes during this warm-up routine will produce immediate improvements in mobility and strength! It will also reduce your risk of injury and improve coordination. All of these benefits happen as a result of using the Rollga to apply pressure onto the major muscles and tendons of body and "rolling" these areas, producing more oxygen, blood flow and activation!

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