5 Gift Ideas For Active People Under $50

As the holiday season begins to draw near, so does the season of giving. Finding unique, useful gifts for the people you care about, however, isn’t always the easiest task. For the active people on your list, giving a gift that aligns with their passion and interests often makes sense. The problem is, however, they likely have most of the equipment and/or gadgets that relate to the activity they’re involved in. To help with this common problem, we at Rollga have put together a list of gift ideas that any active people can benefit from and may not already own, or could at lease use more than one of. We also kept the items on the list under $50 so you don’t have to break the bank to find that perfect present. Check out what items made our list below:

1. Swell Water Bottle – A reusable water bottle is a must have for any active person. Hydration impacts just about every aspect of physical performance, so having a hydration source nearby throughout the day to use as needed is important. Swell water bottles are high quality and offer a narrow mouth option that makes them easy to drink from without spilling. Swell water bottles are also insulated and do a great job of keeping beverages cold or hot for an extended period of time. Shop Here.

2. Rollga Foam Roller – For the active person that is looking to help minimize their risk of injury and improve their recovery, a foam roller is a great option. Foam rolling increases oxygen rich blood flow in muscles (source), speeds muscle recovery (source), improves flexibility (source), and increases range of motion (source), all of which benefit physical performance. Rollga foam rollers have a unique, contoured shape that is designed to reach and target muscles more precisely and comfortably while avoiding bone and tendon structure. Rollga foam rollers are ideal for muscle activation (pre-exercise), muscle recovery (post-exercise), fascial health, and functional restoration of movement. Shop Here.

3. Toplus Stretch/Yoga Mat – While stretch/yoga mats are an obvious necessity for any yogi, stretch/yoga mats also provide benefit for just about anyone looking to improve their fitness or mobility. From providing a comfortable space to do core workouts to turning any terrain into a suitable spot for warm up and cool down drills, stretch/yoga mats offer a wide range of uses. And while most yogis have their own mat, who doesn’t love a new, fresh, clean mat? Toplus stretch/yoga mats are lightweight, provide enough cushion to be comfortable but not be too bulky, feature an anti-slip design, and are made with eco-friendly materials. Toplus stretch/yoga mats also come in a wide variety of colors, making it easy to find that perfect mat. Shop Here.

4. Rollga Resistance Bands – Resistance bands are a great gift for anyone looking to add some convenient, effective strengthening exercises to their routine. Resistance bands can be used for variety of different strengthening exercises and movements, and are great for muscle isolation. Resistance bands are also incredibly portable and can be used just about anywhere, making them an excellent at home or travel workout accessory. Rollga resistance band sets are high quality and include five separate bands, each offering a different level of resistance. Rollga resistance bands also come with a convenient carrying case and are clearly colored and marked to designate each different resistance level. Shop Here.

5. CEP Compression Socks – Finally, for the person on your list looking to improve their recovery, reduce swelling when traveling, and/or stabilize muscles during exercise to decrease fatigue, compression socks are a great option. CEP compression socks feature medical grade compression and are made with quality materials that hold up over time. CEP also offers a variety of compression sock product lines, each designed with a slightly different target function. Shop Here.

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