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Here are some frequently asked questions about the Rollga Roller and the routine.

Question: Will doing the roller at night stimulate your system making it difficult to fall asleep?

No, foam rolling before bedtime will not stimulate your system so much so that it will be difficult to fall asleep. Actually, a small routine before bed, to give you a self-administered deep massage, could help you fall asleep, and have a more fitful sleep. Using this roller will help your body feel better and relax your muscles as you roll them out.

I personally like to roll my gluts, upper back, and lie with my neck on the center groove before bed. Helps me focus on breathing, relaxing my muscles and provides a little meditation before shutting down for the night.   

Question: Is it better to roll before or after exercise? 

Using your Rollga Foam Roller before or after your work out is ok, however, for the best results we recommend a dynamic warm up prior. 

If my muscles are feeling a little tight before my work out I like to do some mobility movements (like jumping jacks, knee raisers etc.) to warm up my joints and muscles and then do a quick routine on the Rollga prior to my main work out. So, in all, my “warm-up” routine takes as little as 8 minutes and is so beneficial to me getting the most out of my time at the gym!  

Using your Rollga Roller at the end of your main work out it the most useful though. For me, doing the 8 minute, full-body, Rollga routine after intense exercise (and even a light gym day) significantly reduces the sore muscles I used to get after every work out. It is seriously so wonderful! (And hey, if you don't believe me ask anyone who has purchased the Rollga Roller and they will tell you themselves!)

Question: Is it normal to experience soreness the next day similar to what you experience after beginning a new work out?

That really depends on the intensity of your Rollga routine/ and density of the Rollga itself (there are 3). If you want to make your routine more into a work out session and really dig in deep and activate your muscles and core then you might feel soreness similar to beginning a new work out. However, upon using the Rollga roller more frequently, that will go away quickly.

When I first started using the Rollga I found it to be a little uncomfortable. Though there was no actual pain, it took a little getting used to. So worth it. This product seriously helps you feel great. I started with the Standard Silver Genesis Rollga, which is medium in density, and just 5 months later I am using the Pro (black) Rollga roller. It’s all about what level of intensity you prefer. (However, I use all three in different ways-they are all super beneficial). 

Question: Are there areas you should avoid rolling?

Yes there are definitely areas you should avoid rolling. You really shouldn’t roll your lower back, joints, injures, or if you are experiencing pain anywhere while performing. We have different techniques to target your lower back with out actually placing your lower back on the foam roller. And always consult your doctor before modifying a treatment plan!

Question: Can you do it more than once per day? 

Of course you can! 

I like to roll at least twice a day, and maybe even more if I have areas of my body that need more attention! If I have a headache or, God forbid, a migraine I will just lie on the floor with my neck in the center groove of the roller and just relax while quietly meditating/relaxing.

Question: Can you over do it?

Yes, start off slow or the first 8 days and than assess how you feel each day. You can increase or decrease intensity/time spent on the roller/density of the Rollga based on how you're feeling. For example if there is increased pain reassess and make adjustments. 

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