Is Flexibility Important? 5 Benefits of Flexibility

Importance of flexibility

 The short answer is Yes, flexibility is absolutely the single most important aspect to overall health and wellness as we age and also in injury prevention.

Flexibility makes for better athletes. The elasticity that makes someone more flexible lets allows for a fuller variety of movement and can expand performance. Lower tiers of flexibility can lead to more injury during workouts, which include muscle strains, sprains, tears, and muscle imbalance (one facet of your physique being greater than the other, which can lead to more issues).

Five advantages of being flexible

1. Improved posture and balance
Proper posture is key to back health. Standing efficiently takes strain off ligaments and can stop the onset of arthritis. Flexibility improves your capacity to engage the muscle groups wanted for right posture. Muscles with low flexibility minimize motion; for example, tightened hip muscles pull your top forward.

2. Increased mobility
Mobility is the capacity for joints to attain their full motion; flexibility is how properly your muscle groups stretch. The two go hand in hand. Flexibility permits your muscles to stretch, whilst mobility is what permits them to pass freely inside your joints – and the more 'bendy' you are, the more mobile you’ll be. This is vital at any stage of life, however specifically as you age!

3. Reduced stress
Rollga stretches and meditation go well together, too. During stretches, you can center attention on your breath and how your body feels and moves. Stress frequently disturbs our muscles, even when we don’t realize it. Rollga before bedtime can loosen up your muscular tissues and relieve the stress you may not even realize you’re carrying.

4. Decreased potential for injury
Working out with tight muscle tissue can amplify your chance of injury. This is ordinarily due to the elasticity of unfastened muscle tissues – looser muscle tissues stretch more without difficulty than tight muscles. Think of it like a rubber band – it is difficult to stretch the band straight out of the box, however after some use, it’s a whole lot easier. Having looser muscle tissue helps minimize muscle injury and tears.

5. Decreased Recovery Time
During a workout, your muscular tissues get small tears. When these tears heal, the muscle is stronger – this is how you reap power thru exercise. But an impact of these tears is lactic acid buildup in your muscles; lactic acid can cause problems after a workout. Rollga Rolling and Stretches using the Rollga Method after exercising can stimulate circulation and relieve muscle tension. The Rollga Stretching Method helps carry extra oxygen to your muscles, which can decrease lactic acid and the anguish that comes with it.

Working on flexibility regularly with the Rollga Tools has long term benefits and can help reduce the pains of aging.

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