4 Tips on How To Recover From Your Triathlon

How you recover from a race can be just as crucial as your pre-race preparation. Knowing how to properly recover from a triathlon, can help you bounce back in no time.  
Here are some of our top tips for effective and efficient race recovery.
How to recover from your triathlon:



As with all aspects of triathlon, hydration is key. In a race, you will have used up a huge amount of your body’s water stores, so it’s crucial to keep topped up to ensure that you’re looking after your head, heart and muscles.


Active Recovery, Compression & Foam Rolling

While stretching and foam rolling is key to a good recovery, active recovery will also help to loosen your strained muscles. Whether it’s an easy run, walk, bike or swim, getting moving again will help your heart and lungs get back to normal.

Using a recovery tool like the Rollga Roller is also a huge key to finding specific areas that are prone to injury. The body fitting design of several of Rollga’s products work like magic to provide a self guided massage. Your in control to target and work on areas of tension, adhesions and tightness due to muscle knots or soreness due to exercise.



Never underestimate the power of a good night's sleep. Sleep is when your body will do most of your recovery, producing growth hormones to help repair and strengthen your muscles, bones and joints.



Potentially one of the hardest steps on this list, patience is crucial. You’ll need to give yourself time to recover after a big race. Starting again too soon and overdoing it can lead to injury and illness so be patient and take it slow!

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Remember, everyone’s body is different so everyone will recover at different rates and in different ways. So, look after yourself, and you’ll back in action in no time!

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