The Calming Power of the Vagus Nerve

The Vagus Nerve tells the body to relax and take time to repair and heal.

The Role Movement Plays in the Development of a Baby’s Vagus Nerve

Back in the early to mid-1900′ it was very common to have a rocking chair in a nursery. Babies require movement. Babies should be rocked on a regular basis, more then we would imagine. Why? This movement and rocking stimulates the Vagus Nerve in the baby. It sends signals to the baby’s body to grow and develop. The Vagus Nerve teaches important and distinctive breathing habits to the child over time. 

How to Calm Anxiety By Activating the Vagus Nerve with a Rollga Roller

Slowly relax back on your Rollga. Any of the six foundational Rollga positions will work. While slowly rocking back and forth, take deep and intentional breaths. Inhale for 4-seconds, exhale for 5-seconds and pause for 3-seconds before inhaling to your next breathing pattern. Tell your body to switch back into healing mode. Relax your thoughts. Quiet your mind, hum your favorite song if you need to. That is it. This simple routine will point you in the right direction when it comes to activating the Vagus Nerve.

It is important, we deliberately activate and strengthen the Vagus Nerve on a daily basis. Actively regulating this nerve will help with breathing, digestion, and anxiety. It will balance your emotional, physical and calibrate vibrational health. We need vigorous daily movement, exploratory movement, interaction with others to continue to build self regulation beyond these simple habits of relaxation with the Rollga roller.

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Get the Most Out of Your Rollga Experience

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