Three Foam Roller Exercises to Shoot Better on the Fairways

By: Featured Guest Blog Writer, Nicholas Stram, CPT

As a strength and conditioning coach, I have the opportunity to help individuals become the best athletes they can possibly become. I coach a wide variety of athletes from swimmers to wrestlers, but I have really started to specialize in the way of training golfers. Today, I’d like to share my 3 favorite exercises to help golfers use fitness to shoot better on the greens. 

I’ll get the obvious out of the way first and say that golf is a sport that demands great mobility in several planes of movement. Due to this, soft tissue work is a critical part of my golfers success in the gym. The contours of the Rollga are particularly helpful when trying to mobilize the often-stiff thoracic spine, anterior deltoid and the lats; all critical areas for golfers for their swing range of motion.

  • Thoracic spine roll: Lay face up on the ground with the Rollga perpendicular to your torso directly underneath your mid back (never under the low back). Take your time and roll slowly upwards toward the upper back and then back to the starting position.
  • Anterior deltoid roll: Lay facedown with the Rollga sandwiched between the front of your shoulder and the ground and perpendicular to your body. Again, slowly roll down the shoulder and then return to the start position ad repeat.
  • Latissimus Dorsi roll: Start by lying on your side with the roller underneath your armpit running perpendicular to your body. With your hand reached away from you, slowly roll down towards your ribcage and then return to the starting point behind your armpit.

These three foam-rolling exercises are very basic moves but can do wonders for golfers mobility when performed correctly and regularly.



Aside from the traditional soft tissue work I want to share three amazing non-traditional exercises to perform with the Rollga that are PERFECT for golfers.

  • Quadruped Reach: Start on all fours on the floor with the Rollga directly under you, parallel to your torso. Put one forearm within zone 1 on the roller and guide it away from you, stretching out your shoulder and thoracic spine as you reach across your body
  • Side-lying Rotation: Start lying on the ground on one side of your body. Start with the Rollga in front of you running parallel to your torso. Next, bring one knee up and place it on top of the Rollga. Then take one hand and reach it to the floor behind you while keeping the first hand glued to the floor in front of you. This stretch is a great way to open up the chest, thoracic spine and hips, all CRITICAL areas for any golfers swing.
  • Bird dog: Start kneeling on all fours on the floor. Place the Rollga roller on your low back, perpendicular to your torso. While trying to balance the Rollga reach your opposite arm and leg out away from each other. Then return your arm and leg back to the starting place and switch sides. This exercise not only works the glutes, hamstrings, shoulders and core but it is priceless for trunk stability and body awareness.


Golf fitness is a big up and coming trend in fitness as athletes look for ways to better their game.  Over my time working with golfers of various ability levels these have been the primary exercises and benefits that I’ve come to love. If you’re a golfing fanatic like many of my clients make sure to grab your Rollga and give these a try!





***Disclaimer: Rollga is neither a medical device nor intended as a treatment for medical conditions. This product does not cure medical ailments or illnesses. No information provided by Rollga manufacturer or its distributors, whether written or verbal or provided in these instructions, in brochures, in websites or otherwise, is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Ask your health care professional if Rollga is right for you. Rollga has not been evaluated by the FDA.

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