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Feb 11, 2016 | Lifestyle

I am writing you from the island of Roatan, Honduras! It is a beautiful Caribbean island just north of it’s mainland of Honduras. There are many fun things to do and see here, so my days are fairly busy. A couple of days ago I was trying to think of fun new ways to get in my Rollga routine here on the island! Rollga on the beach is always so fun, with the gorgeous turquoise blue water as my relaxing backdrop, but I wanted something a little more challenging. The villas that I am staying at have standup paddle boards (SUP) for the guests to use. Come to think of it, that would be a fun way to see more of the island, and get in a bit of a workout.

The Balance of Rollga

The Balance of Rollga

I have always thought I had terrible balance, so trying a SUP was a little intimidating for me. I honestly think my balance has improved greatly from using the Rollga roller daily, (I’ve been using it for a couple months now) because getting up on the paddle board and using it while actually standing came very easily for me. Although, I do sit down when I see bigger waves headed my way! -ha! Anyway, I thought it would be neat to try my roller routine ON the SUP! It was a degree or two more challenging but wow, so much fun! Not to mention the sunset and water made for a very peaceful setting.


~ Niko

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