Standing Stretches

Three standing stretches anyone can do, anytime, to gain some quick relief.


The Barber Shop Dilemma

This past week a professional barber from Ohio called. Every day this young man is standing positioned with his arms overhead, to increase the self-esteem of hundreds of people a week. Needless to say, this position has taken a toll on his body and joints.

In distress, he called asking for a solution. After all his questions were answered, he decided to move forward and take ownership of a Rollga Roller. “It was life-changing,” he replied. After just the first use, he felt a difference. In just one day, he experienced the best walk he has ever had in a long time, just making his way to the car to head off to work.

Being that this professional barber from Ohio, was newer to foam rolling and had a pre-existing condition, it was decided that the MalaPearl White Rollga was the best place to start. The goal was to give him something comfortable enough that he would have a desire to use it on a regular basis. The goal was accomplished.


Three Simple Standing Stretches That Can Be Done At Work

Pick any three of the four exercises shown here. When we are standing for prolonged periods of time, we may find ourselves experiencing pain. Leg pain and back pain will usually be the most common. The pain in the back is typically what we call, “referred pain.” This is pain that is felt in areas of the body but is not the actual source of our pain at all. Most of the time standing pain comes from fatigue in the Calves, Hips, Piriformis, and Glutes. By stretching these muscles, we can find some temporary relief throughout the day.

Stretches for Glutes and Calves (Tensor Fascia Stretch and Gastrocnemius Stretch)


By placing one foot behind the other, brace yourself and press your butt forward while rolling your hip out to the side. Then lean forward and with a wide forward stance, keep your heel on the ground and press your body and hips forward to stretch the calves.


Stretches for Adductors and Quadriceps


Stand in place and pull your heel to your rear and hold it. Then, with a wide base, lean side to side while keeping your feet firmly planted on the floor. Also, be sure to keep your back straight.

Like any program, please consult with your medical professional before doing anything for the first time. Do not consume this information as medical advice specific to you.

Do these standing stretches and find a bit of relief.

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