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The Sponge Effect…

There are many ways to use a foam or fascia roller, some good and some not so good. In general foam rolling should be done very slowly and with control. If any pain is experience stop and assess what to do next and as aways consult your Doctor on what you should ultimately be doing.

Fascia and Fascial Health is a trending topic today. Its important to note that we cannot roll out fascia alone, other cells like muscle, nerve, and epithelia are also effected.

The “Sponge Effect” of epithelial and muscle tissues is when water is squeezed or pressed out of our tissues, and then is sucked back in when the pressure or roller moves or is taken away - think of squeezing a dirty sponge out after washing a car and refreshing it with clean water. Stale water stinks - Moving water Brings Life!

Painful rolling is typically not a good idea and the sensations that we feel are a result of the nerves’ reaction. If the muscles contract or we have cellular retraction because of the painful sensation of rolling, the therapy value is diminished. I prefer to stay in a comfortable and it ‘feels good’ realm of foam rolling.

Again, moving slowly over the tool is ideal, squeeze out the sponge - hold - let the old water move away - release - fresh new life giving water returns.

In looking at our sensory system, foam rolling can be important in awakening areas that have lost ‘sense’ such as the adductors, places in and around the hip, low back and upper neck right under your head. The Rollga Foam or Fascia Roller is perfect for getting into these areas and is an extremely versatile tool for total body rolling. Try to roll or compress areas that you don’t feel or don’t roll often. Repeatedly rolling the same areas over and over will have diminishing returns on your overall health but getting into as many rollable areas as possible will have profound effects. Take it easy when starting out, go slowly, asses what feels good, test if its better, give it time and the results will follow along with new sensations and hydration.

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