There has been many people reaching out about nagging shoulder pain and how to improve their function, performance and getting rid of injuries. As always, individual assessment and recommendations are best, but I wanted to share some drills that improve thoracic mobility and get your shoulders mobile.

▶️ #1: Rollga Out an Lift: Drive forearms into the Rollga (zone 3) and when you get to end range, keep the elbow locked out as you lift (you can do 3-5 second hold here), repeat 5-10 rounds on each arm.

▶️ #2: Windmill: Drive your knee into the Rollga (zone 3) to keep low back locked in and as you’re opening up with the hand, exhale breath fully. Also, follow your hand with your eyes, and repeat 5-10 stretches on each side.

▶️ #3: Sitting Dowell Rotations: Squeeze the Rollga (zone 3) in between your knees as you’re sitting down and drive rotate through your upper back, exhale as you’re rotating. Repeat 5-10 on each side. 

▶️  #4: Rollga Wall Shoulder Stretches: Place the Rollga wall, place your shoulder on zone 3 on the Rollga and lean against the wall.
For more pressure, move your feet further away from the wall.
Rock up and down slowly to release tension in the muscles.
To work on the Lats, lift your arm over head and place the Rollga under you armpit and roll slowly.

▶️  #5: Rollga Wall Back Stretches: Place the Rollga roller behind on your back on the wall, just above the shoulder blades. Your spine should be aligned with zone 1. Place your arms either supporting your head or hugging yourself. Use your legs to push and roll from your shoulders to the middle of your back (aka, wall squats), roughly mid back, then return up towards your shoulders. Roll slow, this is about deep breathing and slow control. Do not press and hold tight spots. 

Doing these drills can be a daily ritual (morning, afternoon, evening) or they can also be part of the dynamic warm ups before you training session. Repeat 5-10 reps per side, for each exercise.