Rollga Density Chart

Rollga Density Terms & Simple Definitions:

Soothing refers to comfort and/or relaxing
Restore refers to restoration of tissue and normal function of the muscle
Intense refers to the deep pressure and intense feel
Release refers to how fast the release of knots/trigger points can happen
Every Rollga achieves all four goal terms: Rollga is Soothing, Restorative, Intense at times, and Releases knots. But with each density each goal may be achieved faster with variations of density.

Rollga Density Comparison

Panda and MalaPearl focus on a soothing and relaxing feel more than the intense feel. They provide more of a restorative result is more noticable than the release result. But over time, the release is still achieved with the softer Rollga density. The Pro Rollga, on the other hand, is harder and focuses on the intense pressure with a fast release. Yet for some, they think the deep pressure is soothing too, if they enjoy deep massage pressure variations.
Soothing and Restore is for a beginner or someone with current to past injuries. It is for someone that doesn’t like deep pressure.
Intense and Release is usually for athletes, leg work, or areas where people need deep pressure to reach the treatment spots.

Rollga Density Variation Percentages

Rollga Genesis (silver) and the Rollga Dynasty (royal blue) are the standard densities and are the most popular among users.
MalaPearl Rollga (white) and the Panda Rollga (black & white mix) are 35% Softer than the standard Rollgas.
Rollga Sunrise (Orange) and the Pink Ribbon Rollga (Pink) are 15% harder than the standard Rollgas.
Rollga Pro (Black) is 25% harder than the standard Rollgas.
With use, each Rollga will soften over time by about 5% to 10%, however, the Pro will not soften easily.





***Disclaimer: Rollga is neither a medical device nor intended as a treatment for medical conditions. This product does not cure medical ailments or illnesses. No information provided by Rollga manufacturer or its distributors, whether written or verbal or provided in these instructions, in brochures, in websites or otherwise, is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Ask your health care professional if Rollga is right for you. Rollga has not been evaluated by the FDA.

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