Release Kinetic Energy in Tendons

Getting the Spring Back in Your Step

How to Increase Kinetic Energy in Tendons

Today I am covering details about the microstructure of collagen and the important role it plays in movement. Specifically in the Achilles Tendon and Feet.

Our tendons carry kinetic energy, the goal is to restore the optimal function in the ankle and load the microstructure of collagen with kinetic energy. In order to load the kinetic energy in the Achilles, we must restore the lattice-like structure to the collagen, like a youthful new spring with recoil. Aged Collagen acts like a stretched out spring and looses kinetic energy. Rollga can begin the process to restore the crimp in the collagen. Rolling the Achilles in the Rollga and the Plantar Fasciitis, will help to restore movement by repairing the lattice structure. We must move, we used to move so much more than we do today. Today we ride the lawn mower, in the past we pushed it… We used to get up and wash the dishes, now we sit idle as the dishwasher does the scrubbing.

Get up and move today and get the spring back in your step.


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