ITBand Release starts with knowing, “What the IT Band is.”

The IT Band (iliotibial band) is located on the outside of the leg along side the Femur. This band of fascia tissue is critical in the stabilization performance of the muscles surrounding the leg. It attaches near the outside of the pelvis and runs along the outside of the leg over the hip and knee, then inserts just below the knee.

When is it necessary to release the IT Band?

If you are experiencing pain around your knees or hips when running or walking, you may have an unhealthy or “locked up” IT Band. You may feel the pain extend the full length of your leg, and can be most commonly felt during the strike of your foot to the ground. The IT Band becomes locked up when unhealthy fascia tissue tightens up or swells from overuse or over flexion of the muscles surrounding it like the Hamstrings and Quadriceps.

How does this IT Band release concept work?

It’s more about the neurons and less about the muscle itself. There are muscle spindles and the Golgi Tendon Organ that respond together when it comes to change in the length and tension in the muscle. I very basic language, as the muscle spindles recognize and record change in the length and tension of the muscle, this triggers the myotatic strech reflex, and shortens the length of the muscle fiber. Stimulation of the Golgi Tendon Organ tricks the myotatic stretch reflex and allows the muscle to return to it’s normal length and in turn decreases pain and discomfort.

ITBand Release with a Foam Roller

ITBand Release with a foam roller is a simple and quick strategy to alleviating pain in the legs and knees. Flat foam rollers can be painful because direct pressure is applied to the IT Band. A contoured foam roller or a body shaped foam roller like the Rollga foam roller will apply indirect pressure to the IT band for more comfort and ease.

How to release the ITBand with the Rollga Foam Roller

Start by lying on the ground on your side. Place your hand on the floor to prop up your body, keep your hips in line with your ankles (No hinging your hip). Use your top leg as a pilot leg and lift your hips off the floor. Place the Rollga over the IT Band and relax your weight down. Control the amount of pressure with your pilot leg. If you want to apply a little pressure to the IT Band, use Rollga Zone 1. If you want to avoid all pressure on the IT Band, use Rollga Zone 3. Start just above the knee and roll very slowly toward your heart. If you feel a tight spot, stop and rest on it for 10 seconds, then continue rolling. Be sure to follow the contour of the foam roller, do not roll through multiple zones or ribs of the Rollga. Foam Roll the entire IT band each day for 2-minutes, do not over do it. You will start to feel relief right away and long-term results will expose themselves in about 2-3 weeks of consistent use.


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