How can I get rid of a cracking shoulder pain?

A common cracking shoulder pain can be caused by bursitis or a degenerating rotator cuff. When the rotator cuff is worn out or injured, it creates a popping sound when it is out of position and rubbing against ligaments or other tendons.

Balanced Shoulder Exercises to Reduce Shoulder Pain and Instability

Being that the entire shoulder is made up of muscle tissue surrounding a ball and socket, there is little one can do for a quick-fix. However, it becomes important to maintain a well-balanced strengthening protocol. Be sure to focus on all muscle groups around the shoulders. Building too much strength in one muscle group could pull the alignment and synergy of the joint out of place.

Foam Rolling Techniques For Shoulder Pain

If muscles are too tense and tight use the Rollga Foam Roller, while leaning against a wall, to angle in behind the joint. Apply light pressure and roll just a couple inches up and down. Then lie down and place the roller below the armpit and shift your weight down into the armpit and shoulder with your hands extended above your head at a 45-degree angle. For a shoulder that already is experiencing pain, you may want to consider using a softer Rollga Roller for the shoulder pain. Use coupon code: MAKEITMALA to Save 25%.

foam-rolling-rotator-cuff-with-rollga   foam-rolling-deltoid-with-rollga

Disclaimer: Do not rely on this answer as medical advice, the shoulder is complicated and you should always seek expert advice when it relates to injuries. Consult with your physician to see if any of these related tips may be beneficial for you.

Which Rollga Is Best For My Rotator Cuff?

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