Health and Fitness Hacks

joey-thurman-profileThe excuse, “Lack of Time” is the number one reason keeping people from eating healthier, exercising and living life to the fullest.  But did you know time stands still when you manage to undercover various hacks in life?


What is a hack?

A hack is merely a clever solution to a tricky problem. To everything we do in life comes with it a process. Some processes in life and fitness take us down a long and difficult road, whereas other processes lead to simple and immediate solutions.


Health and Fitness Hacks Revealed

I had the opportunity to meet Author and Celebrity Fitness Professional, Joey Thurman, CPT, FNS, BLS this weekend in Chicago. He has written a book titled, 365 Health and Fitness Hacks That Could Save Your Life. During my evening with him, we discussed the inspirations that came behind this book and his passion was obvious. He has been on a mission in life to crush the “Time” excuse.


Starting on page 122, Joey unlocks 6-minute daily exercise routines that are powerful, simple and can be done anywhere in the world. Pick one exercise hack per day and use it to build an entire month of routines to burn fat fast.


Admitting I did not drink enough water, I told Joey that I wish I had time to infuse it for taste, but I forget to do so. He laughed and said, “Hack your ice tray.” He went on, “Try blending up fresh fruit that is about to go bad on your counter and freeze it in ice trays. Use these fruit cubes to freshen up the flavor of your water.”


This was when I knew I needed his book. He had brought one for me to have, so I opened it up to take a peak inside. There was a Hack that immediately caught my attention, “The Annoying Itchy Throat Hack.” When I speak, my throat gets dry and itches. His hack has already saved me many times over. From his book I quote, “An itchy throat can be so frustrating because your tongue only reaches the tip of the itch and you can be left feeling uncomfortable and irritated. A good tip for this is to scratch your ear.” Why this works is on page 170 of his book. I recommend you get it, because when you understand why you begin to recognize patterns to live by, making life easier to live by.


The Lifestyle Renovation

If you do not know where to start, take a minute to jump onto Joey Thurman’s website.


There he has several free tools and guides to getting started on your journey to uncovering many health and fitness hacks.


Foam Rolling Hack 

Joey Thurman has recently gotten behind the Rollga foam roller and has declared the Rollga to be the foam rolling hack. Rollga makes foam rolling easier, more comfortable and speeds up the routine.

Others who back Rollga

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