Legend Michael Boyle Flips Rollga The “Bird!”

Strength and Conditioning Coach, Michael Boyle Flips Me the “Bird!”

This photo was taken in Providence, Rhode Island. As Michael Boyle was passing by me I stopped him for 30-seconds to introduce Rollga to him. He cautiously listened to every word I presented. After about 30-seconds he and his wife, picked up a demo Rollga and began to roll their legs. “Mike’s face grew a smile, “This is working as you described. Wow!” Mike then moved the Rollga around to various muscle groups. His wife expressed excitement saying, “Yes, this is amazing, it hits all the right spots.”

From there on Mr. Boyle was hooked on the Rollga. I recall Mike placing the Rollga under his neck, his eyes rolled into the back of his head as he said, “Oh boy, I could lay here all day.” He then picked up his cell phone and proceeded to film a video to post to Instagram Live. He started the video with this, “Well guys, I have good news, and I have bad news… First the good news, I am absolutely in love with the new Rollga foam roller.” He sighed a long sigh, then he resumed, “But now the bad news… Now I have to spend a lot of money here at Perform Better! I need to throw out all the old rollers and convert to Rollga.”

So Michael Boyle and his wife stood up, Mike shook my hand, and with a memorable grin, he lifted his hand to my face and presented an eye-dropping middle finger. Then he laughed and said, “Thank you for stopping me Tim, The Rollga is truely an innovative new design.”

It wasn’t long after I got a phone call from a friend asking me, “Did you see Boyle’s Post?” Whithout an endorsement, there it sat on my computer screen. Michael Boyle is a generous man, who simply wants to help people move. I am grateful to have had this opportunity to meet him and his family at Perform Better’s Functional Training Summit.

Here is the complete article: Michael Boyle - Good News, Bad News

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