Foam Roller Exercises & Recovery

Calves or Gastrocnemius Foam Roller Exercises

Place the Rollga roller under your calves. Zone 3. Roll from just before your knee to your Achilles Tendon. Hold tight spots for 30 to 45 seconds or until pain and tightness in the calves diminish. Do not roll behind your knee.

Shins or Anterior Tibialis Foam Roller Exercise

Begin on your hands and knees. Your hands should be on the floor near your knees. Place the roller under your ankles. Lift your hips upward and feel the roller glide along your shins as you extend your legs outward into a plank position. Roll front to back to find the tender areas. Hold tight spots for 30 to 45 seconds or until pain diminishes. For an advanced technique, lift one leg off the roller and engage your core to keep your leg and back parallel to the floor as you roll. You may also cross your ankles stacking one leg over the other as you roll.

Quadricep Foam Roller Exercises

Lie on your stomach with roller placed just above your your knees. Elbows are bent and forearms are flat agains the floor. In a plank position, engage your abdominal muscles and keep your glutes tight to prevent your body from sagging. Push with your forearms and roll across your thighs to your pelvic bone, then back again. Avoid rolling knees.

IT Band and TFL Foam Roller Exercise

Start by lying on your side without the rollga roller. align your elbow, hip and ankle in a straight line. Position the roller under your hip and place your top leg in front for support. Roll from the top of your hip to just before the knee. Stay on the outside Zone 3.

Adductors Foam Roller Exercise

Lying on your side place your leg over zone 2 of the roller. Roll your hips from left to right, while supplying a downward pressure.

Glute and Piriformis Foam Roller Exercises

Sit on your Rollga roller with legs extended. Lean and tip to the outside contour of the Rollga. Starting with lower part of the glute, roll to the upper part. Keeping your body slightly tilted allows you to focus on one glute at a time.

Neck Exercises With A Foam Roller

Lie flat on your back and place the Rollga roller under your neck on zone 1. Tilt your head straight back, as if you are drawing an imaginary line on the ceiling north and south with your nose. Then lift and turn your head 45 degrees and relax. Finally, turn your head another 45 degrees and relax. You may also use the outside zone 3 for a deeper massage. Do not aggressively roll the neck, it is delicate and only needs a very small amount of pressure.

Latissimus Dorsi Foam Roller Exercises

Lying on your side with the Rollga roller placed under your armpit in zone 3. Keep your arm outstretched, thumb up and legs extended with the top leg crossed over your bottom leg. Roll from your armpit to your waist.

Bridge For Low Back Pain With A Foam Roller

Start by lying flat on your back. Lift your hips and plance the Rollga Roller Zone 3 under your tailbone. Place your hands to your sides for support. Lower your legs and allow your hips to open up.

Forearm Foam Roller Exercise

Place the Rollga roller in front of you, and from a kneeling position rest your arms on zone 3 at your wrists. Roll across your forearm to your elbows.

Back (Trapezius & Erector Spinae) Foam Roller Exercises

Place the Rollga roller behind on your back, just above the shoulder blades. Your spine should be aligned with zone 1. Place your arms either supporting your head or extended out behind. Use your legs to push and roll from your shoulders to the middle of your back, roughly at your last rib, then return up towards your shoulders. Roll slow, this is about deep breathing and slow control. Do not press and hold tight spots. Do not roll your lower back, your muscles will tighten up to protect your spine in this region.

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