Why Does Rollga Have Contours?

  • Avoids bone structure & contours the body
  • Massages at multiple angles & varies in pressure
  • Allows for muscle displacement - No popping
  • Allows for stability and control while rolling
  • Bypasses the joint & restores damaged fascia
  • Click play on the video for complete details


Eliminate Awkward Positioning and Roll with Ease

This foam roller, unlike other foam rollers, will avoid direct contact with the Tibia. No more trying to get into awkward positions on the floor in an attempts to foam roll shin splints. Lock both legs into the contours and glide your weight back it is that easy. The calves are just as easy to do as well, massage tight Gastrocnemius Muscles without painfully smashing the tissue. Advanced techniques can also be performed for muscle shearing.

Rollga is the first roller that feels like it was made for the human body. We are not shaped like boxes and we have very few if any, flat surfaces anywhere head-to-toe. Where standard rollers give me a flat bar of pressure that smashes all my curves and boney prominences, Rollga cradles the body and engages more of the muscle and connective tissue with each pass. This means more thorough rolling with a higher comfort level. You can think of it as the classy car with leather seats and a high-performance engine. This is the future of foam rolling.

Pin-point knots around bone structure, by using the contours available around Rollga Zones 1 & 3. These zones provide pressure at a 45-degree crossing angle like thumbs.

Pin-point knots around bone structure, by using the contours available around Rollga Zones 1 & 3. These zones provide pressure at a 45-degree crossing angle like thumbs.

Target the deepest and hardest to reach knots when utilizing Rollga Zone 2. This zone allows for deep therapeutic relief with precise focus on treatment areas.

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