How Do I Deal With My Urge To Stretch?

There are many reasons we have the urge to stretch on a daily, or in some cases, hourly basis. The reasoning stems from biological, emotional, and physical urges to stretch. Let’s explore why these urges occur.

Lack of Physical Movement Urges Stretching

When our ligaments and muscles are restricted from moving, they tend to tighten up. This is because of a lack of blood flow. Fluid fills the sedentary space between the cells, which leaves people feeling stiff. By stretching, we increase circulations and mobilize the fluid out of the cell structure. Just a few minutes of exercise a day can eliminate this urge to stretch. But stretching accomplishes even more by eliminate the waste and toxins that settled into our muscle fibers and fascia cells.

Rehydration of the Fascia

The urge to stretch can also come from our bodies response to dehydration. Fascia has a huge amount of water in it. The primary cells of fascia (fibroblasts) live in a sea of non-cellular material comprised primarily of water (H2O), glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), collagen and elastin. Up to two-thirds of your fascia is simple H2O and is what keeps it juicy, springy and elastic instead of stiff and dried out feeling. By drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day, we can maintain a healthier hydration, but in order to get the water into the fascia, we need to compress or stretch it. Foam rolling during a stretch, particularly with a foam roller that can massage the tissue at multiple angles such as the Rollga, will allow your fascia to compress the water inside the extra-cellular matrix as you move across the roller, effectively squeezing it like a sponge. Then fresh H2O rushes back in from the blood plasma and rehydrates the fascia. Observe the video below by Fascial Fitness Master Trainer, Rachelle Clauson.

Chemical Response in the Brain

The urge to stretch can also come from a chemical response or a release of hormones. When we use the Rollga foam roller, the body can escape into a moment of euphoria. Endorphins rush from the brain into the body and bring extreme joys and happiness. Each contour brings new life to the body. The multiple angles of massage can release tension and melt away stress with ease. Your biggest urge to stretch may be this strange addiction that your body has created from the habits you have installed in it. If you stretch often, you will likely find yourself craving it like you would nicotine. Being there is not a patch made for those of us who crave stretching, we must rely on our amazing foam rolling stretches. #bringslife

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