What can I do for Shin Splints?

As a runner and other sports enthusiast, I’ve suffered from bouts of Shin Splits for many years - Until using the Rollga Roller! Its super simple and effective in just a few minutes.

Shin splints may develop in the muscles in the front and outer parts of the shin (anterolateral shin splints) or in the muscles in the back and inner parts (posteromedial shin splints). Pain is felt in different areas, depending on which muscles are affected.

Start on your calves and use zone 3 of the Rollga Roller. Roll slowly from the ankle up to just below the knee, stop on any ahh-spots and hold or do a small circular rotation. Use Zone 2 of the Rollga to shear the large calf muscle, again finding the ahh-spots.

Next, Rollga your shins by starting at your ankles and moving slowly up the tibia to just below the knee.

Technique is very important and you can use the edges of Zone 3 to effectively act like thumbs to massage the right spots.

It is very similar to Swedish Massage techniques in which long steady strokes are performed.

The other great ahh-spot to target is along the outside of the shin bone about one-third of the way down from the knee. This is a great spot to hold on for a minute and can help with sore ankles and feet.

I have personally tried almost every device or contraption for shin splints and nothing ever helped like the Rollga Roller, simply amazing!





***Disclaimer: Rollga is neither a medical device nor intended as a treatment for medical conditions. This product does not cure medical ailments or illnesses. No information provided by Rollga manufacturer or its distributors, whether written or verbal or provided in these instructions, in brochures, in websites or otherwise, is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Ask your health care professional if Rollga is right for you. Rollga has not been evaluated by the FDA.

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