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I’m Lisa-Marie Arreguin. I am a CMT, Health Enthusiast, Lifestyle Coach, and Motivational Speaker. I own LA Bodywork, located in Sherman Oaks, Ca. www.labodywork.com

In addition to working with a diverse range of clients, I served in the prestigious position of Assistant Bodywork Specialist for the NHL’s Mighty Ducks professional hockey team. I am an accomplished athlete in my own right, as a tri-athlete and a competitive ballroom dancer with over a decade’s worth of experience. My professional expertise uniquely qualifies me not only to assist individuals rehabilitate from chronic, minor and major injury, but to access and provide the massage therapy needs an athlete’s body requires to stay fit, mobile, and healthy.

Whether you are a serious athlete or weekend warrior, a golfer, a parent, or an executive, whatever life path you pursue, whatever stresses and physical challenges you face, I am deeply dedicated to empowering people to feel better about the way they live and create freedom through bodywork.

In January 2017, I took a business trip to Minnesota from Los Angeles to meet with Tim Schmidt, co-owner of Rollga. During my 48 hour stay… I attended their certification courses and learned quite a bit about Rollga. Tim and his team were very enthusiastic and made my experience productive and pleasant. Tim is just as nerdy as I am about the human anatomy and functional movement. Needless to say, there was plenty to talk about.  He asked me, “Is there a difference between Bodywork and Body Maintenance.” I immediately replied, “Yes.”

BODYWORK is performed by a BODYWORKER. This is professional who uses a variety of hands on techniques. After an extensive analysis on a client, I call them Check Ins, I determine what kind of work the client needs. Sometimes, I do Mobility Checks. This is where I use a few body maintenance tools to see what mobility or lack thereof someone maybe having.  After a series of questions and analysis, I am able to notice the balance in the hips and shoulder girdles. I also pay attention to neck, head placements and rotations in correlation to the spine, weight distribution, and posture. Everyone has their own way of doing examinations. I determine mine with each individual client. At the end of our analysis, I then decide what techniques I will apply and create a body regimen for them including self body maintenance using body maintenance tools. 

BODY MAINTENANCE is also known as SELF BODY CARE. It is using body maintenance tools as preventive measures to keep the injury bug away.  I’ve been in my career for 15 years now. People often come to me and say, “I just can’t do what I use to do.” Oh boy, can I identify! I then ask, “What have you been doing as far as maintenance for your body?” The most common answer is, “I do Yoga.” Yoga is different from body maintenance. It’s an activity that allows you to actively stretch and tone. Your body needs fascia release to effectively prevent injury.  Whether you’re a football player, yoga instructor, blue collar worker, or retired, body maintenance is essential to your health and longevity.

After my certification class, I immediately realized how beneficial the Rollga roller was for both my clients and my business. I had a tough time getting behind the implementation of a standard roller with my clients. While I knew the benefits, it was difficult to keep in practice, unless I was there to instruct them. Rollga takes the guess work out of daily body maintenance. From its contoured lines to perfectly placed indentations, it is comfortable for my clients to use and easy for me to explain how. In addition, if I’m not around there is an extensive library of instructions for every part of the human anatomy on www.rollga.com or on their recently launched Rollga App.  I had spent years watching people have hesitation with most of the standard rollers out there, until I introduced them to Rollga. Most of my clients are immediately committed. This is important to me because I see 6-8 clients a day. It’s essential that my clients have body maintenance tools that help me, help them, maintain their body maintenance needs.


I have noticed an improvement with clients who have purchased a Rollga Roller with me. They come in looser and I can get deeper than ever before. They’re excited about having a tool that works as part of their regimen.


Rollga has done an outstanding job delivering support, information, and instruction. There is no doubt in my mind, after extensive research that Rollga has cornered the market on foam rollers. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!


Celebrity Guest Post Written By:

LisaMarie Arreguin





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