Beneath The Unraveled Duct-Tape

Feb 4, 2016 | Lifestyle

Being Shy Has Its Moments.

I had just gotten to my gate at the airport and in front of me stood a man lugging around a huge foam roller with a makeshift carrying strap made out of duct-tape. I am generally a shy person so walking up to a complete stranger was difficult for me to do, but something was pulling me to strike up the conversation. From one shy person to another, you could likely imagine what type of an awkward situation was about to unfold. I first brought up rolling and how hard it must be to lug the “big one,” he had, around the airport. He peered out of the corner of his eye, with a sublime grin, he laughed and agreed.

Oh, How I Hate, Awkward Silence…

Reaching for more to say, I then told him about the Rollga® roller. Immediately his eyes lit up. “Well isn’t that the bees knees,” he expressed under his breath. I proceeded to pull up pictures on my phone and wrote the website down for him. We had enough time together that I was even able to pull my phone from my bag to show him the website.
He loved it, so I thought…

What happened next caught me off guard.

Some of the concerns he brought up to me were that the roller looked like a complicated thing to use, it looked heavy-duty, he wasn’t an athlete, and he was a heavier-set man. Shocked by the blind-sided response, I assured him that the roller was super lightweight, but durable. Shuffling the Rollga® roller in his hands, then more silence…

Then My Passion Came Out.

After he told me that it looked complicated, I found the video to show him how simple using the roller really was. Also, on top of how user-friendly it was, a customized routine can be easy to understand by anyone at any age. I explained to him that literally anyone can use the roller. I have seen an 8 year old girl even go through the routine! With great excitement, I also told him that I am not an athlete by any means and I really enjoy the benefits I receive from using the Rollga® roller.

Zone 1 was called, he gathered his belongings and untangled the duct-tape from the chair. He thanked me for the conversation and proceeded to board the plane. Reflecting back on the conversation, I was grateful for initiating it.  I have no doubt in my mind he will be enjoying the benefits of Rollga® in the very near future. We never know when we will come across someone whose life can be improve with just a little awkward conversation.

Rock N’ Rollga,

~ Niko

Team Rollga