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About Rollga Health & Fitness

Rollga is about you.  We want you to feel better and live a happy, healthy life! Rollga is a collaboration of successful professionals: Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers and many other Health Specialists.  We are all brought together with one goal - to help you move and feel better!

A Cup of Coffee.
Like many wonderful ideas, the inception of the name “Rollga” was spawn over a cup of coffee at a Starbucks Coffee shop just outside of Saint Cloud, MN. Where did the name Rollga come from? In Samoa, the suffix -ga is used to make a verb into a noun with a related meaning. We wanted to take the verb rolling and convert it to be a noun. Hence, Rollga. Coincidentally, there is an internet slang word “GA,” which translates as “Go Ahead.” In other words Rollga means, “Roll, Go Ahead!”

The Quest For A Logo.
Through conversation, our biggest inspiration was to restore movement to people in a simple and efficient way. Our logo is inspired by the Vitruvian Man made popular by Leonardo Da Vinci and is associated with ideal, perfect and balanced health and fitness.

Every Program Needs A Product.
We wanted to create a hybrid studio class that combined foam rolling, yoga, pilates, stretching and core work to help people recover and prevent injuries. We began to research the various types of foam rollers available to us for promotional branding. We invested in every foam roller we could find and began documenting the pros and cons. We found that the basic design of the foam roller had not changed and that most rollers are flat, our bodies are not, hence the ‘curves’ of Rollga are born - “Shaped to Fit Your Body.”

The Birth Of Rollga.
We knew we could create a “better mouse trap” foam roller. We wanted a roller that would go deeper, something that could go beyond the depths that the ordinary roller could reach. We sought to find ways to take the pressure off the bones when rolling for more comfort.  We experimented by rigging various materials and products including foam blocks, balls, marbles, cut-up rollers, fabric and even using a lathe, we nearly claimed fingers. After more than 50 prototype’s of various successes, we had found an extremely versatile solution, and Rollga was born.

Stop, Drop, and Rollga.
Rollga took to the streets. After producing over 100 hand made Rollga’s, we put them to the test of industry leaders, medical professionals, business professionals, attorneys, runners, grandma’s, you name it, we shared it. Everyone’s response was the same. They all got excited when they saw it, and they all wanted to keep it when they tried it. Rollga couldn’t keep up with the demand.

The Patent Search Surprised Rollga.
Rollga brought the prototype’s to our patent attorney for a patent search. Nothing came back in the search that would restrict us. We were set to start the process to file for trademark, utility and design patents. Update - We now have patents and/or trademarks in countries worldwide.

Manufacturing easy?
Once we were given the green light, a sense of urgency blossomed, allowing Rollga to take shape. As we went on the hunt for a manufacturing company that could make a superior quality product, we soon realized manufacturing companies were not looking for ‘startups’ that had no track record and it was very difficult to find new, modern technology that could produce the product we had developed. After persistence and dedication we found a match and we knew by this time we had something that the industry and people needed.

The Pre-Launch Proof.
Just a few weeks into the pre-launch, Rollga proved to be a wonderful concept that people were looking for. Today, Rollga is no longer just a Foam Roller Concept. Rather, a company that is founded on a more efficient, effective and comfortable foam roller design that is shaped to Fit Your Body.


The Prototypes of Rollga

When people ask about the development of Rollga, nothing explains the thought process behind it better than the prototypes. It started with a rope around a plastic cylinder to try and achieve a variance of pressure during the roll. Then Taggart and his wife filled a bag full of super balls and rolled on it. As you can imagine, this idea was a complete disaster, hence, no prototype to photo. Along came the Wiffle balls wrapped in rubber. The concept was good, but it did not provide deep enough pressure or support and was not very comfortable. Taggart changed the rubber casing to a Sock in hopes to get more depth, but the sock provided vert little benefit as it was too flimsy. He then took two EVA foam exercise blocks, glued them together and carved out the first Rollga. It had five ball-like structures and the purpose was mainly to avoid the Tibia in the shin, but it wasn’t hard enough and felt like it would tear under pressure. From there you can see how the zone was created for the spine and the Rollga changed to a 4 ball-like roller. Then we played around with the various sizes of the groves and depths in the groves. We tried several different patterns in the foam to see if it would supply any additional benefits. Onward to the diameter of the Rollga, you can see the 4 inch vs. the 6 inch diameter and at the same time we began to look at rounding the end or squaring it off. The round end provided a lot of additional benefits as another tool, so it became round. Finally, colors of the Rollga and Packaging became a focus as it evolved into a retail product. Shrink wrap was necessary for sanitation purposes during shipping and the box sleeve kept the Rollga from rolling off the shelves in the stores. The carry strap and hand foot therapy kit were perfect accessories to complete the Rollga.

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***Disclaimer: Rollga is neither a medical device nor intended as a treatment for medical conditions. This product does not cure medical ailments or illnesses. No information provided by Rollga manufacturer or its distributors, whether written or verbal or provided in these instructions, in brochures, in websites or otherwise, is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Ask your health care professional if Rollga is right for you. Rollga has not been evaluated by the FDA.

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