A Foam Roller Breakthrough!

“When I used this foam roller on my shins what I felt I could not believe.”

I am about to tell you a true story. If you believe me, you will be well rewarded. If you don’t believe me, I will make it worth your while to change your mind. Let me explain.
 Joe, an active volleyball player and runner, is a friend of mine who understands what it’s like to have Shin Splints. One day he called excited about a foam roller he owned. “It’s so incredible,” he said, “when you first roll with it, you won’t believe it.”
 “What will I feel?” I asked. “What could be so incredible?”

Joe continued, “When you roll with this roller, you don’t feel the pinch. It is so comfortable on the legs. Every muscle is therapeutically treated with a multi-directional effect. And it’s not my imagination. I just want you to try it yourself.”


When I received the foam roller and began to roll I couldn’t believe it. I kept repositioning my body to see if what I was feeling was indeed actually more comfortable or if my imagination was playing tricks on me. But my legs felt incredibly more relaxed. It was obvious. I grabbed my old traditional roller and compared them. They didn’t compare. I was very impressed. Everything was noticeably different, every muscle was being treated and I felt the unique multi-directional treatment.

But what did this product do that made my experience so much better? I found out.

The foam roller (called Rollga) is designed with your body in mind. Rollga Rollers cradle your shins and avoids rolling over the Tibia. By avoiding the skeletal structure, the roller can provide a very therapeutic experience when treating shin splints.

The second reason is even more impressive. It is harmful to roll across the bone, and is difficult to position your body on a traditional roller to get the appropriate relief.  Bad form is worse for muscles and is believed to play a role in not seeing results. Rollga makes it easy. Place both shins in each cradle and rock or roll. No guessing if you are doing it right.


But what really surprised me was the danger in conventional foam rollers. Have you ever researched what can be growing on the surface of a used gym roller? Why are rollers so susceptible to bacteria and fungus? Because the foam is very porous, making them difficult to sanitize and keep clean.


I’m often asked by people who read this, “Do those Rollga Rollers really work?” They really do and please give me the opportunity to prove it. I guarantee each Rollga Roller to perform exactly as I described.


Rollga rollers are made with a high density EPP foam with a solid foam core. This is important! A solid core means your roller will last many years without losing shape, cracking, or having to worry about the foam peeling off. No shortcuts were taken. And think, because this foam roller is water resistant and heat-sealed, you are able to fully submerge your roller in water to clean it. Please do not do what my Aunt did… You can’t put your Rollga roller in the dryer.

The silver, lightweight Genesis model is one of the most comfortable I have ever used and will comfortably contour to any size body type. It compares with many of the $70.00 rollers you can buy from sporting good stores.

There is a black Pro model that ideal for individuals that need to use a wall due to poor core strength. All models include an adjustable carrying strap and a one-year manufacture warranty.

I urge you to order a Rollga Roller and experience the comfort. Then take your old foam roller and compare it to the Rollga Roller.

See how easy it is to use, the comfort and stability will be unbelievable, and the immediate results will be undeniable with Rollga. And see if your posture doesn’t improve as a direct result. If you don’t see a dramatic difference in how you feel—one so noticeable that you can tell immediately—then send it back anytime within 30 days and I will send you a prompt and courteous refund.


But from what I’ve personally witnessed, once you roll with Rollga, there will be no way you’ll want to return it.
Our muscles are very important to us. Treat them and at the same time improve their performance with the most incredible breakthrough in foam rollers since they were first introduced.

You won’t pay $70.00 for this foam roller… You wont even pay $60.00 for this high quality foam roller. We have the Rollga Genesis at an unbelievable price and it still comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.
Silver – Rollga Genesis $29.99
Black – Rollga Pro $49.99

Rollga is a cross-directional foam roller designed to stabilize the hips, align the back, and increase range-of-motion. The Rollga foam roller is ideal for muscle recovery, fascial health, and functional restoration of movement. Ordinary foam rollers cause discomfort and pain due to the unfitting design. This groovy foam roller is designed and contoured to fit your body and reach trigger points that are difficult to reach with an ordinary roller.

Our entire body is consumed with connective tissue called, Fascia. Just like anything in our body, connective tissue degenerates and breaks down over time. The degeneration of fascia can be accelerated with repetitive overuse, stress or injury. Rollga is a high-quality foam roller that brings regeneration to damaged tissue, by influencing circulation of oxygen-rich blood flow. Rollga will prevent fascia from becoming unhealthy. By restoring your fascia, you will restore your mobility.

Guaranteed the most effective and comfortable foam roller you will ever own! This foam roller has a unique patented design that cradles your body for quick results with more comfort and ease. Rollga bypasses the bone structure, such as the spine, shins and hips, to unlock hard to access tension around the joints and bones. Rollga also allows for fascial shearing and muscle displacement to ensure the muscle fibers are guided and protected from the damaging shifts and pressure. At 18 inches, Rollga is big enough to treat your whole body and small enough to fit in your backpack. 


  • Protects the Spine, Hips, Shins, & Achilles
  • Cross-Directionally Targets Trigger Points
  • Naturally Restores Fascia Lubrication
  • Restoration of Movement
  • Stimulates Oxygen-Rich Blood Flow for Healing
  • Omni-Directional Force Reduces Fascial Fuzz
  • The Only Targeted Joint Relief Roller
  • All the Benefits of a Flat/Bumpy Roller
  • Massages at multiple angles & varies in pressure
  • Allows for muscle displacement - No popping
  • Allows for stability and control while rolling
  • Bypasses the joint & restores damaged fascia
  • And Gets Fast Results in Less Time ( PER!OD )

Which Should I Choose?

Rollga Genesis (Standard Density) is softer than the Rollga Pro. The big question becomes, which Rollga is right for me? Rollga Genesis is for tender muscles, it is effective in treating conditions and areas alongside bones such as: Shin Splints, Plantar Fasciitis, the neck and Erector Spinea Muscle along your spine. Rollga Pro is very dynamic when treating larger muscle groups such as the Calves, Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Glutes, and the Performis. Rollga Pro delivers a very deep tissue sports massage.

Questions before you order? Call Toll Free: 1-844-4-ROLLGA

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